The Department emphasizes teaching professional nursing knowledge and skills, enhancing students' scientific and humanitarian ability, and developing a student’s respect for life, human rights and values. Moreover, they are to integrate the Department’s characteristic 3 C attitudes of Care, Concern, and Compassion in learning activities, so as to be able to apply it in their professional service after graduation. The educational objectives include:

1. To demonstrate the 3C’s in nursing and care

2. To apply related professional knowledge and skills in clinical nursing practice

3. To apply critical thinking in the nursing process

4. To work with others making the best use of communication and coordination

5. To fulfill the responsibility of a professional nurse as a caretaker

6. To engage in nursing by moral, ethical, and regulatory norms

7. To constantly learn and increase the ability for self-development

8. To practice respect for life and empathy as well as offer professional services